Saturday, August 10, 2013

Amidst the clouds! - Mullayangiri

At Mullayangiri Hills
Being IITians we'd got used to the process of making impromptu plans. It was not long before one night we made a decision to go to Chikmagalur for the next couple of days. It was a long weekend owing to Eid and that came as a blessing. Of course, there was no plan as of on paper; just that we would drive down to Chikmagalur, visit a couple of places around (read Mullayangiri) , stay around for the night and leave the next evening after exploring nearby places. As the saying goes "nothing ever happens according to a plan"; so followed suit.

The group consisted of 4 people (Anirudh, Kushaal, Radhey and me); all of us from the same department at college.  

The four of us, on the way to Mullayangiri Hills!
Day - 1

The plan of leaving Bangalore by 4 30 am didn't work owing to factors like sleeping at 3 am and not being early risers. So eventually left Bangalore by 7 am and picked up Radhey along. Reaching the first toll gate, we were greeted with the sight of hundreds of vehicles desperately trying to get out of Bangalore. The road was a paltry one, until we reached Nelamangala. It was then that we got on to the Bangalore-Mangalore highway and not long before we are already cruising away at the speeds of 100-120 kmph. 

The highway was extremely nice. The roads were laid out beautifully, there were no humps whatsoever and it was a wonderful drive. Google Maps did try to throw us off the road once or twice, but we adhered to our judgments in the end. At around 11 am, we stopped by at a state run bus station and we let ourselves dwelve in the south indian delicacies. We'd loads of Idlis, Wada's and Sambar (Anirudh drank up to 1 litre almost :D). That was our breakfast!

Stretch of the highway
We then decided to take a detour and then head towards Shravanabelagola. We reached Shravanabelagola in around 2.5 hrs from Bangalore. The scenery all around the road was filled with fields (rice, sugarcane etc) and somehow this felt serene and it was lovely. We stopped by for sometime to indulge in the peace that was all around :)

Shravanabelagola  is famous for housing a giant monolith carving of Gommateshvara Bahubali. He's also referred to as "The Naked Man". Reaching this place takes ones toll. The climb initially is very step and it might be difficult to climb in rainy season. There is a Dholi service for old people who find it difficult to climb up and down. We spent around 2 hours here learning the history behind the statue, going around the place and trying to take snaps (esp the part where the focus was on the penis of the statue :P). There were many inscriptions dated back to the 1500 era. The view below from the hilltop was pretty amazing too.

The steep climb

The view from the top
It was not long before we were on the road again and we wanted to reach Chikmagalur fast. For the night was dawning upon us (it was around 2 PM) and we had almost more than 2 hours of journey before us. 

We reached Chikamagalur pretty fast (thanks to my over speeding :P) by around 4 PM. And then we'd to expect something which we didn't come prepared for. ACCOMMODATION! We underestimated the very prime factor in a journey and were callous in booking in front for the same. We made numerous calls, and none of them seemed reasonable. Rs. 2000 per night, Rs. 3000 per night, Rs. 2500 with bonfire, some with breakfast, others with dinner and what not. This was for one person. Our budget was Rs 1000 max. Time was running out, as it was almost dark. Around 5:30 PM and this parts of the state, the night descends quickly.

Then a thought crossed our minds. Let's camp in the Car! This was not a bad idea at all. We had music, we shopped for some food, some toilet paper, tissues, some medicines, lots of water and lots of food (junk mostly). We decided, two of us would sleep and two would keep guard. Then we fixed on - one of us will keep guard, others sleep and we take turns. Good enough. Next major thing - Find a place to camp the Car! We asked around, but we were disappointed to not find anything. We got to know why, the next day. 

Luckily, one of the phone calls clicked and we found ourselves with a roof with a dinner :D. We had few scares in the dark night after following a wrong guy and being lost but were soon found. All for 850 bucks and it was situated on the hill amongst good greenery. Well within our budget and good place as well. I soon dozed off as I was very tired after driving the entire day. I heard the next morning that the dinner wasn't that great and it was as if someone dropped an entire bowl of chilly powder into the rasam. I was fortunate to skip it ;).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How I could never make her happy!

Oct 18, 2011: 

She: I was never happy because of you!
       In fact, whatever happiness was transpired because of you was always short-lived!
Me:  Good to know the real facts. :|
She:  Bye forever. I hate you!

****** signed out of the chat.

Indeed, that was the last time I ever heard from her. It's funny the way some things in life control our emotions and we have no way but to look at them dragging us along with them. Looking back, I wonder if all the time spent together meant anything to her! What if she never loved me? What if there was someone else whom she always loved more than me? Things; when you try to look in your perspective always end up making u the king and you start correlating “facts” which mostly are not true and as one of my close friend had once said to me “Do not ever try to think what the other person is thinking; you’ll be wrong 99.5% of the times”.

Do I regret the time ever spent with her? No; the late night talks, the early morning calls even before the rooster could crow early in the morning, the lengthy chats and what not; all have been memorable in their own way and are still cherished in my not so intelligent brain. The question to ask is whether she regrets it or not? The conversation above might suggest that she does regret every minute spent with me and as well might have been with someone else. But I cannot be the judge of it as I’ll be looking at my point of view and not hers. This is something which only she can answer. As I said earlier I cannot answer for her but the least I can do is try to be in her shoes and try to understand the path she is trying to walk.

 I sometimes wonder if the world would be a better place to live if each one of us took that little time of our so called busy schedule and try stepping in others shoes when it matters the most.